Get Lean & Tone Up with Protein 23

Leading a hectic schedule while living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. When there is little time to sit down and enjoy a full meal, it often seems easier and time-saving to opt for pre-packaged food, or skipping a meal altogether. However, these ready-to-eat foods are notoriously laden with added sugar, sodium or fat, and provide little to no nutritional values.

Shake it up to a healthy, sleek toned body

Just because you are busy does not mean you have to resort to less-than-ideal food choices. There are other healthier options available. Fuel your body with VitaHealth Protein 23! Easy to make and convenient, it makes an excellent on-the-go meal replacement. Whether you are eating on the run or grabbing a quick snack, it can give you an energy lift, while also satisfying your hunger. It provides premium-quality protein plus a healthy burst of antioxidants to help you power through your day.

Protein 23 is a nutritional protein drink featuring two key patented ingredients: VegOtein PTM 80 pea protein made from organically grown American and Canadian yellow peas; and Oxxynea®, an exclusive combination of 22 fruits and vegetables adopted from the Mediterranean diet. It comes in a delicious, creamy vanilla flavour that is free from added sugar. It has a smooth texture and mixes well with water and other beverages.

Protein 23 - Protein Supplement For Weight Management

This wholesome drink is also fortified with green tea extract and chromium (from natural yeast fermentation) that help burn fat and reduces cravings for high-fat foods; and MCT oil that provides energy source during exercise.

Pea protein for every nutrition plan

Protein is a macronutrient your body requires in large amounts for many critical roles. It is the major structural component of every living cell, essential for building and repairing muscles, bones, skin and hair. In the body, protein is constantly being broken down and recycled. It cannot be stored in the body; therefore, it’s important that you consume adequate amounts of protein every single day.

Pea protein is a plant-based protein which offers a wide array of amino acids with a substantial supply of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), arginine and lysine – that is especially beneficial for active lifestyles. It can be easily digested and provides a sustained release of amino acids through the day. Pea protein is a non-animal source, hence, free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

How does Protein 23 benefit you?

Weight management
Taking Protein 23 can save you tons of calories. It delivers 15.5g protein in each serving, providing sustaining satiety and controlling your craving, which results in smaller portion sizes and less frequent snacking between meals.

Muscle growth
Muscle tissue is composed of protein, so it is no surprise that a high-protein diet can help your body build and maintain lean muscle mass.

Post-exercise recovery
All workouts, especially intense or prolonged trainings, taxes on your muscles. Consuming Protein 23 directly after a workout can optimize muscle repair and speed up recovery from muscle soreness. The addition of BCAAs boosts protein synthesis and give your muscle the fuel they need to recover.

Antioxidant boost
Oxxynea® delivers high contents of antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals in your body, and has been associated with a reduction in risks of coronary heart disease.

Who should take Protein 23?

Great for busy adults and active individuals on the go, Protein 23 can be taken as a meal replacement for breakfast, mid-day snack, or post-workout replenishment. Boasting a rich amino acid profile, it also makes an excellent source of protein for vegetarians to meet their daily protein needs.

It is especially recommended for individuals who are on a weight loss diet, wish to build or maintain muscle mass or undergo workouts. Mix two scoops (30g) with 200ml of water and you are good to go!