Shake it up to a healthier, sleek & toned body

Are you eating healthily throughout this MCO and CMCO period? Eating a balanced diet while staying at home can be challenging. When you are anxious or stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This amps up your feeling of hunger and cravings, which eventually leads to weight gain. From snacks to pastries, pre-packaged meals and desserts, many are relishing comfort foods during the difficult days of at-home confinement.

Strengthen your body with Protein 23

A well-balanced diet is crucial for the proper functioning of your immune system. Protein emerges as one of the most important nutrients you need during this pandemic.

VitaHealth Protein 23 is a great pick for a meal replacement. Easy to make and convenient, VitaHealth Protein 23 gives you an energy lift, while also satisfying your hunger. It is a nutritional protein drink featuring VegOtein PTM 80 pea protein and antioxidant-rich Oxxynea®. Plus, it comes in a delicious, creamy vanilla flavour that is free from added sugar.

VegOtein PTM 80 is made from organically grown American and Canadian yellow peas. It can be easily digested and provides a sustained release of amino acids through the day. Pea protein is a non-animal source; hence, it is free from antibiotics and growth hormones. Oxxynea® is an exclusive combination of 22 fruits and vegetables adopted from the Mediterranean diet. It delivers high levels of antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals in your body.

Immune defence

Maintains integrity of first line of defence

Your skin and mucous membranes keep pathogens from entering your body. They are your first line of defence against infections. Protein is vital in maintaining the integrity of the body cells’ membranes which develop the natural barrier against infections.

Synthesises antibodies and immune cells

Antibodies which help fight disease are made of protein. It is vital that you increase your protein supply to ensure your body produces sufficient antibodies you need to fight off infections.

Optimises activities of immune cells

Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, play a role in your immune function too. Alanine provides energy to the immune cells, glutamine gives directions to the immune cells to migrate to the targeted site while arginine increases the “killing” abilities of immune cells.

Weight management

Replacing meals with Protein 23 may help you reduce your calorie intake, which can help you lose weight. Each serving delivers 15.5g of highly digestible protein at only 127 kcal, providing sustaining satiety, while helping you power through your day. It is fortified with green tea extract, which increases fat burning capacity, and chromium yeast, which reduces cravings for high-fat foods. It also contains MCT oil, a good fat which helps increase metabolic rate.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important, particularly during the current pandemic, to help you to deter the complications of respiratory infection. Carrying extra fat puts higher resistance in the airways, and lowers lung volume, which may worsen COVID-19 symptoms.

Who should take Protein 23?

Great for busy adults and active individuals, Protein 23 can be taken as a meal replacement for breakfast, a mid-day snack, or a post-workout replenishment.

Boasting a rich amino acid profile, it also makes an excellent source of protein for vegetarians to meet their daily protein needs. Mix two scoops (30g) with 200ml of water and you are good to go!