Together We Make A Difference

Spreading positivity during difficult times

COVID-19 is a crisis that extends beyond health. Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) implementation, it continues to affect lives and livelihoods across the country. These unprecedented times have seen many people losing their jobs and struggling to put food on their tables.

Together We Make a Difference is a fundraising effort jointly initiated by KS Beh, Country Head of Vita Life Sciences Malaysia & Singapore and Nabiha Aimi, Director of MyVitaLab, with objectives to ease the burdens of the underprivileged communities who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and spread positivity to everyone around us during these difficult times.

In collaboration with VitaHealth, MyVitaLab and Yayasan Annor Bakti, this outreach effort aims to reach out to 500 families each week, throughout this MCO period. The proceed will be channelled to DHRRA’s COVIDCAREMY initiative to reach out to the marginalised families. Each family will receive a Bundle of Positivity consisting of non-perishable groceries, food items and face masks.

On top of that, through this initiative, we are also creating business opportunities for small and home-based entrepreneurs by purchasing the items from them.


Join us on our journey to make a difference

We are all in this together. Let us all do our bit to make a difference. Spread love and brighten up everyone’s day with positivity during these difficult times. Your donation will help us reach out to those who need it the most.

We pledge to:

  1. Support families who are infected with or livelihoods are affected by COVID-19,
  2. Share positivity with everyone staying at home, and
  3. Create business opportunities for small or home-based entrepreneurs.

Here are some helpful ways you can lend a hand to those in need of assistance:

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Make a cash donation to purchase the items in the Bundles of Positivity

Bank in to:
Yayasan Annor Bakti
(Affin Bank 105400003298)

Send your bank-in slip to:
Nur Haziqah (011-1657 7463)

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Donate items to make up the Bundles of Positivity

We welcome in-kind donations such as 2kg rice, canned foods, cooking oil, instant noodles, sugar, salt and 3-ply surgical masks.

Please contact Renee (016-654 9799) for drop-off arrangement.

Drop-off location: VitaHealth office
23, Jalan Jurunilai U1/20, Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park, Seksyen U1, 40150 Shah Alam. (Google map)
9am-5pm, Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays

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Share this out so more people can join this fundraising

About the fundraising

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KS Beh is the Country Head of Vita Life Sciences Malaysia and Singapore with more than 13 years of successful experience in the health and wellness industry. Specialises in business analysis and management, she leads the Company’s operations, with responsibility for business in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as business expansion efforts into emerging, high-growth markets such as Brunei and China.

Beh oversees the Company’s major transformation – the revitalisation of brand identity which embodies its unwavering commitment to pioneering innovations and evolving to cater to the ever-changing health needs. Holding a Master’s degree in Science in Business Information Technology, she is passionate about driving the Company’s digital transformation to stay ahead of the competition in today’s digital-first world.

A strong believer in giving back to the community, Beh initiated this fundraising drive with aims of providing relief to the needy as well as spreading positivity to everyone during these challenging times.

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Nabiha Aimi is the founder and Director of MyVitaLab, a premium daily supplement pack company. Holding a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and currently pursuing her CFA, Nabiha leads this new Company, with the aim of establishing it in the international market.

She spent most of her life watching her grandparents and elders struggle with managing their pills. With the premium daily supplement packs, she hopes to ease the way they consume their pills. She believes that everyone has a different path to their personal health. In the power of innovation, technology and science, she aspires to make the journey simpler through personalisation of supplement packs.

Nabiha is also a Project Manager at Anzeco Group of Companies, with responsibilities of overseeing business operations and new ventures in various industries. She believes that giving back to the community is able to create a difference. Especially in this tough time, she partners with Beh to initiate this fundraising with aims to provide relief, support and spread positivity to the community.

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VitaHealth first started in 1947 as a retail pharmacy. A subsidiary of Vita Life Sciences Ltd, a successful Australian owned healthcare company, VitaHealth commands the lion’s share in the dietary health supplement sector in key markets across the Asia Pacific.

Backed by over 70 years of scientific expertise, VitaHealth is committed to providing premium-quality dietary supplements to meet the ever-evolving nutrition needs of all life stages – from inner wellness to outer radiance. All VitaHealth products are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities, predominantly in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, under strict quality standards.

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MyVitaLab is an online health and wellness platform that provides a stress-free approach to health and wellness for all age groups. Whether you’re a young fitness enthusiast on the go, an ambitious young entrepreneur or an elderly with health issues. It offers personalised premium daily supplement packs for consumers, and consultation services to make sure that they get the product that suits their health and wellness goals.

With the globalisation and e-commerce boom, MyVitaLab believes that quality health and wellness solutions should be readily available for all individuals at the tip of their fingers. It is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity, offering only the best products for consumers.

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Established in 2018, Yayasan Annor Bakti aims to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate in the country. Through its various charity drives, it strives to provide relief for families during back-to-school and festive seasons, and offer financial aids to the elderly. The initiatives also extend to the elderly who have been neglected and left to fend for themselves.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, the NGO is also actively providing aids to families who have been struck with the economic hardship brought about by this pandemic. From personally reaching out to individual families to help them during their quarantine period to setting up food banks for those who need it most, it aims to provide some normalcy and basic necessities in this dire time.

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Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas (DHRRA) Malaysia is a non-profit organisation with almost two decades of community development experience particularly in promoting empowered and self-reliant communities.

In collaboration with 20 local NGOs, DHRRA launched COVIDCAREMY, an immediate crisis response initiative, to reach out and provide assistance and counselling services to those affected by COVID-19. Each marginalised family will receive an Emergency Need Basket, which includes groceries, food items, masks and sanitisers. On top of that, COVIDCAREMY is also further engaging a small pool of daily-wage earners to increase their income-generating opportunities in the following manners:

  • Groceries are purchased from small business owners.
  • Members of the B40 communities pack groceries for distribution and get paid in return.
  • Taxi and e-hailing drivers earn by delivering groceries for beneficiaries.

The affected communities will be able to access the support and assistance through hotline numbers: 017-7803054 / 03-7887 3371. All assistance will be provided upon verification.

Week 1 donation

All gearing up for week 1 outreach effort.

2 August 2021 – Distribution of 100 bundles of positivity to 100 families through Yayasan Annor Bakti outreach programme.

3 August 2021 – Distribution of 100 bundles of positivity to 100 families through DHRRA’s COVIDCAREMY 3.0 initiative.

4 August 2021 – Distribution of bread and kaya to 70 homeless people at Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur.

28 August 2021 – Distribution of rice and eggs to Shelter Home for Children and Tong Sim Senior Citizens Care Centre.

For enquiries, please contact:
Renee: 016-654 9799
Jennifer: 016-776 3939
Jayce: 012-481 8406
Aden: 010- 376 6210