Your health is our priority. Make sure that you only consume authentic VitaHealth products that carry the Farmatag hologram stickers on the labels.

Where to buy authentic VitaHealth products?
Buy VitaHealth products only at authorised retailers.

Product authentication tips
Below are some tips to help you identify if you have an authentic VitaHealth product.

Embossed Bottle Cap

Embossed bottle cap
All VitaHealth products feature an embossed “V” sign on each product cap.

Farmatag hologram

Farmatag hologram
A Farmatag hologram is affixed on each VitaHealth product label.

Inner Cap Insert

Inner cap insert
Each VitaHealth product features an inner cap insert which protects the pills in the bottle from moisture and contaminants, helping to maintain its freshness. All inserts are attached to the caps.

Bottom Print

Bottom print
The bottom of VitaHealth bottle is embossed with “VLS”.

How to check with product authenticity?
Follow the below steps to confirm the authenticity of your VitaHealth products.


Step 1: Download FarmaChecker from App Store or Google Play.


Step 2: Scan the T-QR code on the Farmatag with FarmaChecker App.

Scan FarmaTag Code-01

Step 3: One of the three pages below will appear.

Authentic Code Checker Page-01

Is there other any other way to check the product authenticity?
Further verification can be done by inserting the batch number in the form below. This will be checked against our internal database, verifying if the product is indeed VitaHealth’s. Please click here to check.

What to do if you are in doubt?
If you are still uncertain about the authenticity of your VitaHealth product, please contact us. We are happy to assist you.

Phone: 1800-18-3288