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VitaHealth Arthroaid is a traditional herbal formula specially formulated to support muscle, bone and joint health.

  • 5 herbal ingredients
  • Relieves back, joint & muscle aches
  • Strengthens the bones
RM113.00 RM92.70
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  • White willow bark is a natural source of salicin which helps provide analgesic effect to relieve pains and aches naturally.
  • Acanthopanacis radicis has been traditionally used ease joint pain and muscular spasm.
  • Taxillus chinensis danser is known to strengthen the bones and soothe joint pain.
  • Clematis chinensis has been used for centuries to ease joint and lower back pain.
  • Recommended for individuals who experience joint pains or muscular aches.
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Adults – Take 2 vegetable capsules, twice daily, after meals or as recommended by a doctor or pharmacist.


Each vegetable capsule (500mg) contains:

Salix alba, cortex (White willow bark extract) 200mg
Acanthopanacis radicis, cortex 80mg
Taxillus chinensis (DC) Danser, folium 80mg
Drynaria fortunei, rhizoma 60mg
Clematis chinensis, radix 60mg